To build a better living, economy and society through
information, innovation and technology.

Digital Element

Odoo is a comprehensive suite of business   
application including modules, business logics

Data Element

Analyze insight data, allow company gaining 
better data visibility to improve customer experience  

Assistance Element

Customer Service Support (Helpdesk) to support any customer operation and Migrate, Monitor and Optimize Cloud solution to maximize resource usage


We provide comprehensive solutions by partnering with leading software and world-class technologies. Transform your business by adopting Digital Enterprise Solution to increase performance, reduce cost, and maximize profit. Renovate your system and migrate to Leading Cloud Technology. Ultimately, Driving your business by gaining advantage from your insight data to better understand customer behavior and create unique business value and experience to your end-customer.


Roots is an experienced team who provides services and solutions for digital transformation including  Odoo ERP Solution and Google Workspace   which allows you to manage and control your organization’s data from a centralized console. Our services consist of consulting, training, and implementation of the requirements. However, we primarily focus on Odoo ERP in the supply chain, CRM, Sales, Retail, and Accounting Management which is accepted by Thai Revenue Department.

We also specialize in  Huawei Cloud Platform  services and provide a comprehensive range of services including design, deployment, migration, maintenance, and billing services.

Eventually, we have expanded our service for Data Solutions by being a partner with  Alteryx ,  Self-Service Data Analytics Platform and Data Science. Not only this software but we also have other solutions to serve your business such as Data Integration, Data Warehouse, Data Visualization, and Data Science.


If you are interested in our products and services 

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